Research Article

Bailcalin Protects against Diabetic Cardiomyopathy through Keap1/Nrf2/AMPK-Mediated Antioxidative and Lipid-Lowering Effects

Figure 8

BAI modified Nrf2 ubiquitination: (a) representative blots of Nrf2 and Keap1. (b) Proteins were immunoprecipitated with anti-Nrf2 antibody for ubiquitin detection. (c) Proteins were immunoprecipitated with anti-Keap1 antibody for ubiquitin detection. (d) Detection of modified Keap1 after BAI treatment. NRCM were pretreated with MG132 (10 μM) for 1 h and then incubated with or without BAI (20 μM) for 12 h; each experiment was repeated three times independently. compared with the indicated group.