Research Article

The NADPH Oxidase Nox4 Controls Macrophage Polarization in an NFκB-Dependent Manner

Figure 2

Nox4 knockout leads to a decreased M(IL4+IL13) polarization of macrophages. The specific M(LPS+IFNγ) markers IL1β, TNFα, and iNOS (a) and specific M(IL4+IL13) markers arginase 1, YM1, and FIZZ1 (b) were quantified by RT-qPCR after stimulation with cytokines polarizing the bone marrow-derived macrophages from WT and Nox4-/- mice to M(LPS+IFNγ) or M(IL4+IL13) phenotype. Protein expression of the M(IL4+IL13) marker YM1 (c) and the ratio of pSTAT6 to STAT6 (d) as determined by Western Blot; WT vs. Nox4-/- and # WT/Nox4-/- M(LPS+IFNγ) vs. WT/Nox4-/- M(IL4+IL13), -6.