Research Article

The NADPH Oxidase Nox4 Controls Macrophage Polarization in an NFκB-Dependent Manner

Figure 3

ROS measurements reveal increased ROS production in Nox4-deficient cells due to an increase in Nox2. Superoxide anion production measured with L-012 (a) and hydrogen peroxide levels measured with luminol and HRP (b) in polarized macrophages of wild type and Nox4 knockout mice. (c) RT-qPCR for Nox2 mRNA expression in polarized macrophages of WT and Nox4-deficient animals; (). (d) Superoxide anion production, as measured with L-012 in WT macrophages with or without LPS (10 μg/ml) and IFNγ (100 U/ml) directly after stimulation or 4 hours after addition. (e) Superoxide anion production in polarized WT and Nox2-deficient macrophages; WT vs. Nox4-/- or treated vs. CTL and # WT/Nox4-/- M(LPS+IFNγ) vs. WT/Nox4-/- M(IL4+IL13) (-5).