Research Article

The NADPH Oxidase Nox4 Controls Macrophage Polarization in an NFκB-Dependent Manner

Figure 4

Increased NFκB activation in M(LPS+IFNγ)-polarized macrophages of Nox4-/- is responsible for elevated Nox2 expression. Translocation of p65 was analyzed by Western Blot in the cytosol (a) and nuclear fraction (b) of M(LPS+IFNγ)- and M(IL4+IL13)-polarized macrophages of WT and Nox4-/- mice. (c) Electrophoretic mobility shift assay for NFκB was performed in M(LPS+IFNγ)-polarized macrophages of WT and Nox4-/- animals. The left bar graph shows quantification, and the right bar graph representative shift. (d) Nox2 mRNA expression was quantified by RT-qPCR after M(LPS+IFNγ) polarization with and without an NFκB inhibitor (30 ng/ml, 1 h pretreatment before polarization); WT vs. Nox4-/- and # CTL vs. NFκB inhibitor (-8). TOPO: topoisomerase I.