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Cucurbitacin B Exerts Antiaging Effects in Yeast by Regulating Autophagy and Oxidative Stress

Table 3

The targets list of CuB predicted by CalMorph.


YBL052CSAS3Something about silencing
YBR007CDSF2Deletion suppressor of mptfive/puffive mutation
YBR034CHMT1HnRNP methyl transferase
YBR042CCST26Chromosome stability
YDL093WPMT5Protein O-mannosyl transferase
YDL095WPMT1Protein O-mannosyl transferase
YDR006CSOK1Suppressor of kinase
YDR099WBMH2Brain modulosignalin homolog
YDR110WFOB1Fork blocking less
YDR313CPIB1Phosphatidylinositol(3)-phosphate binding
YDR486CVPS60Vacuolar protein sorting
YEL020CPXP1Peroxisomal protein
YER164WCHD1Chromatin organization modifier helicase and DNA-binding domains
YFR015CGSY1Glycogen synthase
YFR040WSAP155Sit4-associated protein
YGL006WPMC1Plasma membrane calcium
YGL079WKXD1KxDL homolog
YGL200CEMP24Endomembrane protein
YHL002WHSE1Has symptoms of class E mutants; resembles Hbp, STAM, and EAST
YIL002CINP51Inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase
YJL013CMAD3Mitotic arrest-deficient
YJL098WSAP185Sit4-associated protein
YKL098WMTC2Maintenance of telomere capping
YLR176CRFX1Regulatory factor X
YMR058WFET3Ferrous transport
YMR126CDLT1Defect at low temperature
YMR127CSAS2Something about silencing
YMR221CFMP42Found in mitochondrial proteome
YMR251WGTO3Glutathione transferase omega-like
YNL142WMEP2Mourning’s ends part II
YOL071WSDH5Succinate dehydrogenase
YOR311CDGK1Diacylglycerol kinase
YPR111WDBF20Dumbbell forming
YPL177CCUP9Homeodomain-containing transcriptional repressor
YBR054WYRO2Protein with a putative role in response to acid stress
YBR238CYBR238CMitochondrial membrane protein
YIL089WYIL089WProtein of unknown function found in the ER and vacuole lumen
YCR101CYCR101CPutative protein of unknown function
YNL034WYNL034WPutative protein of unknown function
YDL172CYDL172CDubious open reading frame
YDR048CYDR048CDubious open reading frame
YGL165CYGL165CDubious open reading frame

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