Figure 1: The adhesion formation conditions of different groups (). (a) In the sham-operated group, intra-abdominal adhesions occurred in two rats only. All rats in the control group exhibited severe adhesion. All rats in the HA-treated and DHI1 groups had moderate and loose adhesion bands. The adhesions of the rats in the DHI2 and DHI3 groups were lighter than those in the control group. One rat in the DHI2 group and two rats in the DHI3 group had no adhesion formation. The black arrows indicate adhesion on the abdominal wall. The white arrows indicate the injured serosal surface of the cecum without adhesion formation. (b) The Nair score for each group (compared with the control group, and , abnormal distribution, Kruskal-Wallis test). (c) The nonadhesion rate of each group.