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Encapsulated Mulberry Fruit Extract Alleviates Changes in an Animal Model of Menopause with Metabolic Syndrome

Table 1

Phenolic compound content and biological activity of mulberry fruit extract (ME) and encapsulated mulberry fruit extract (MME).

ParametersUnitsME-50% hydroalcoholicMMEStandard reference

Total phenolicmg GAE/mg extract
Total flavonoidsμg quercetin/mg extract
Cyanidin 3-glucosideμg Cyn-3-glu/200 mg extract
Quercetin 3-O-rutinoside (rutin)μg quercetin-3-O-rutinoside/200 mg extract
Gallic acidμg gallic/200 mg extract
Antioxidant activities
 DPPH (mg/ml)0.43 ± 0.050.04 ± 0.010.03 ± 0.01, ascorbic acid
 FRAP (mg/ml)122.19 ± 12.82, ascorbic acid
 ABTS (mg/ml), Trolox
Antidiabetic markers
α-Amylase inhibition (mg/ml)
α-Glucosidase inhibition (mg/ml)
 Aldose reductase inhibition (mg/ml), quercetin
Cardiovascular marker
 ACE inhibition (mg/ml), Captopril
Obesity marker
 Lipase inhibition (mg/ml), Orlistat
Inflammatory marker
 COX-2 inhibition (mg/ml), Indomethacin

Data are presented as . Values are statistically significantly different by Student’s t test compared between MME and mulberry fruit extract. (, and 0.01, respectively).

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