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Overexpression of BRCA1 in Neural Stem Cells Enhances Cell Survival and Functional Recovery after Transplantation into Experimental Ischemic Stroke

Figure 6

Reduced grafted cell apoptosis and oxidative stress by preincorporation of BRCA1 in NSCs. (a) 2 d after transplantation, immunostaining with GFP, TUNEL, and DAPI was performed. BRCA1 preincorporation significantly reduced the number of TUNEL-positive grafted cells. (b) Oxidative stress in grafted cells was elevated by immunostaining with GFP, DHE, and DAPI. BRCA1 overexpression markedly reduced DHE signals in implanted NSCs. Data are expressed as ; mice/group. vs. the control mice; and vs. the LV-GFP NSCs-implanted mice. Scale bar: 50 μm.