Research Article

Ocoxin Modulates Cancer Stem Cells and M2 Macrophage Polarization in Glioblastoma

Figure 5

OOS affects macrophage polarization in vitro. (a) Cell viability was measured in the presence of the different stimuli. (b, c) Macrophage pellets were processed for qRT-PCR analysis of M1 (b) and M2 (c) genes. Mouse Actin was used for normalization, . (d) Analysis of ROS levels with DHE reagent in macrophages treated with the different stimuli, with or without OOS, . (e) Peritoneal macrophages were incubated in the presence of IL4 and OOS. After washing the macrophages, GBM1 cells were dissociated and plated on top of the macrophages or in control plates (with or without growth factors). Three days later, luciferase activity was measured in an IVIS equipment, . ; ; ; .