Research Article

Resveratrol Inhibits Ischemia-Induced Myocardial Senescence Signals and NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation

Figure 4

RSV inhibited the inflammasome in the mouse heart after MI. (a) Immunofluorescence showing the distribution of NLRP3 (). (b) Representative blots presented NLRP3 and caspase 1 p20 in infarction area and border zone (). Bar graphs showed (c) NLRP3 in infarction area, (d) NLRP3 in border zone, (e) Cas1 p20 in infarction area, (f) Cas1 p20 in border zone, (g) mRNA level of IL-18 in infarction area, and (h) border zone. (i) IHC staining showing the expression of NF-κB/p65. (j) mRNA expression levels of inflammatory cytokines including IL-1β, IL-6, and TNF-α in the infarction area and border zone in the mouse heart ( in each of the NS and RSV groups, in each of the MI and MI+RSV groups). Mouse hearts were harvested for analysis at 7th day after MI. Data are presented as the . Two-way ANOVA was performed to significance test. vs. the NS group, # vs. the MI+NS group.