Research Article

A Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptor Modulator Attenuated Secondary Brain Injury and Improved Neurological Functions of Mice after ICH

Figure 2

Effect of Siponimod on ventriculomegaly and cognitive functions after ICH. Representative MRI scans in corresponding locations through the ventricles (coronal orientation). Significant increase of ipsilateral ventricle size was observed 10 days after ICH. Multiple treatment with Siponimod attenuated the development of post-ICH ventriculomegaly (b). Post-ICH ventriculomegaly was associated with impairment of spatial functions (working memory), which resulted in the decrease of spontaneous alteration in the T-Maze test. Multiple treatment increased the number of spontaneous alterations, indicating that Siponimod improved working memory of ICH animals (c). ( vs. sham, # vs. vehicle). Values are expressed as .