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Identification of Six Flavonoids as Novel Cellular Antioxidants and Their Structure-Activity Relationship

Table 1

The chemical structures of 60 flavonoids.

NoFlavonoidsCore structureSubstructure

1IsorhamnetinR3, R5, R7, R4=OH, R5=OCH3
2RhamnetinR3, R5, R4, R5=OH, R7=OCH3
3KaempferideR3, R5, R7=OH, R4=OCH3
4MorinR3, R5, R7, R4, R6=OH
53-O-methylquercetinR3= OCH3, R5, R7, R4, R6=OH
6KaempferolR3, R5, R7, R4=OH
7QuercetinR3, R5, R7, R4, R5=OH
8HerbacetinR3, R5, R7, R8, R4=OH
9MyricitrinR3=Orha, R5, R7, R3, R4, R5=OH
10AvicularinR3=Oara, R5, R7, R3, R4=OH
11TrifolinR3=Oglc, R5, R7, R3=OH
12Kaempferol-4-O-glucopyranosideR3, R5, R7=OH, R4=Oglc
13Kaempferol-7-O-glucopyranosideR3, R5=OH, R7=Oglc, R4=OH
14Kaempferol-3-O-arabinosideR3=Oara, R5, R7, R3=OH
15Isorhamnetin-3-O-glucopyranosideR3=Oglc, R5, R7, R3=OH, R4=OCH3
16RutinR3=Orha, R5, R7, R4, R5=OH
17SpiraeosideR3, R5, R7, R5=OH, R4=Oglc
18MyricetinR3, R5, R7, R3, R4, R5=OH
19TangeretinR5, R6, R7, R8, R4=OCH3
20ChrysinR5, R7=OH
21BaicaleinR5, R6, R7=OH
22ApigeninR5, R7, R4=OH
23LuteolinR5, R7, R3, R4=OH
24CynarosideR7=Oglc, R3, R4=OH
25Myricetin-3-O-galactosideR3=Ogal, R5, R7, R3, R4, R5=OH
26Quercetin-3-O-galactosideR3=Ogal, R5, R7, R3, R4=OH
27Quercetin-3-O-rhamnosideR3, R5=OH, R7=Orha, R3, R4=OH
28QuercitrinR3=Orha, R5, R7, R3, R4=OH
29IsoquercitrinR3=Oglc, R5, R7, R3, R4=OH
30VitexinR5=Cglc, R6, R8, R4=OH
31OrientinR8=Cglc, R5, R7, R3, R4=OH
32IsoorientinR4=Cglc, R5, R7, R3, R4=OH
33IsovitexinR5, R7, R4=OH, R6=Cglc
34GalanginR3, R5, R7=OH
35FisetinR3, R7, R3, R4=OH
36DiosmetinR5, R7, R3=OH, R4=OCH3
R5, R4=OH, R7=OCH3

38DihydromyricetinR3, R5, R7, R3, R4, R5=OH
39TaxifolinR3, R5, R7, R4, R5=OH
40DihydromorinR3, R5, R7, R4=OH
41NeohesperidinR5, R3=OH, R7=Oglcgla, R5=OCH3
42NarirutinR7=Oglcgla, R4=OH
43HesperetinR5, R7, R4=OH, R5=OCH3
44HesperidinR5, R5=OH, R7=Oglcgla, R4=OCH3
45NaringeninR5, R7, R4=OH
46LiquiritigeninR7, R4=OH

47Neohesperidin dihydrochalconeR3, R3, R6=OH, R4=Oglcgla
48PhloretinR1, R3, R5, R4=OH
49PhlorizinR1, R3, R4=OH, R5=Oglc
50IsoliquiritigeninR1, R3, R4=OH

51Cyanidin chlorideR1=OH
52Delphinidin chlorideR2, R3=OH
53Cyanin chlorideR1=OH, R2=H, R3, R4=Oglc
54Cyanidin-3-O-glucoside chlorideR1=OH, R2=H, R3=Oglc
55Pelargonin chlorideR1, R2=H, R3, R4=Oglc
56Oenin chlorideR1, R2=OCH3, R3=Oglc
57MalvinR1, R2=OCH3, R3, R4=Oglc

58EpicatechinR3, R5, R7, R4, R5=OH
59CatechinR3, R5, R7, R4, R5=OH
60Epigallocatechin gallateR3=gallic acid, R5, R7, R3, R4, R5=OH

Orha: -O-α-L-rhamnopyranoside; Oara: -O-α-L-arabinofuranoside; Oglc: -O-glucopyranoside; Ogal: -O-β-L-galactopyranoside; Cglc: -C-glucopyranoside; Oglcgla: -O-(6-deoxy-α-L-mannopyranosyl)-β-D-glucopyranoside. The values having no letters in common are significantly different (). R is the number in core structure.

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