Research Article

Renal Progenitor Cells Have Higher Genetic Stability and Lower Oxidative Stress than Mesenchymal Stem Cells during In Vitro Expansion

Figure 2

Analysis of the expression of Annexin V PE/7-AAD by flow cytometry for apoptosis/necrosis marking in different passages (P) of renal progenitor cells (RPCsu) ((a) P1, (c) P2, and (e) P3) and mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow (MSCBMsu) swine ((b) P2, (d) P5, and (f) P9) with a graphical representation of the percentage of cells in apoptosis ((g) MSCBMsu, (h) RPCsu) and necrosis ((i) MSCBMsu, (j) RPCsu).