Research Article

Hypoxia Enhances Glioma Resistance to Sulfasalazine-Induced Ferroptosis by Upregulating SLC7A11 via PI3K/AKT/HIF-1α Axis

Figure 6

PX-478 promoted the anticancer activity of SAS in vivo. (a) Xenografts derived from the U87 or U87/Lv-SLC7A11 cells which were treated with different drugs demonstrated tumor volume (b), tumor weight (c), body weight (d), and tumor tissue MDA (e). (f, g) Luciferase activities verified the decreased and increased tumor growth, respectively, in orthotopic glioma models established by the U87 or U87/Lv-SLC7A11 cells. (h) Survival curves showed the survival rates of the engrafted mice. (i) Immunohistochemical labelling showed that the downregulated expression of SLC7A11 after being treated with PX-478 and Lv-SLC7A11 could efficiently increase SLC7A11 expression in vivo. The bar graph showed of 3 independent experiments. and .