Research Article

AdipoR1 Regulates Ionizing Radiation-Induced Ferroptosis in HCC cells through Nrf2/xCT Pathway

Figure 3

AdipoR1 is involved in IR-induced ferroptosis in HCC cells. (a) MHCC-97H cells were pretreated with different inhibitors of cell death 3-MA, ZVAD, Rapa, and Fer-1 and irradiated. The cell viability was detected by CCK-8 kit. (b–e) After treatment with 10 Gy for 48 h, lipid peroxidation was assessed by flow cytometry using C11-BODIPY in AdipoR1 knockdown MHCC-97H (b and c) and HepG2 (d and e) cells, respectively. (f and g) qRT-PCR showed the mRNA level of PTGS2 in HCC cells after radiation or AdipoR1 knockdown. Data is presented as . , , , and .