Research Article

AdipoR1 Regulates Ionizing Radiation-Induced Ferroptosis in HCC cells through Nrf2/xCT Pathway

Figure 7

AdipoR1 regulated IR-induced ferroptosis by AdipoR1-Nrf2-xCT pathway. (a) The expression of Nrf2 and GPX4 in shControl and shAdipoR1 MHCC-97H after 10 Gy radiation. (b and c) The expression of Nrf2 was tested in shControl and shAdipoR1 MHCC-97H treated with CHX (100 μg/ml). (d) Effect of Nrf2 on xCT transcription activity in 293T cells. (e–h) Lipid peroxidation and cell death were assessed in shControl and shAdipoR1with or without Nrf2 overexpression. Data is presented as . p <0.05, , , and .