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Research Article

A Feasibility RCT Evaluating a Play-Informed, Caregiver-Implemented, Home-Based Intervention to Improve the Play of Children Who Are HIV Positive

Table 2

Baseline ToP raw item scores for overall group ( children).

ToP itema and descriptionBaseline (Pre)

Engaged (E)IM: is activity engaged2.51.0
Decides (E)IC: what to do3.01.0
Safety (E)IC: maintains level of safety sufficient to play3.00.0
Mischief (E)FCR: engages in mischief or teasing0.00.0
Process (E)IM: engages in activity for the sheer pleasure2.02.0
Pretends (E)FCR: to be someone else, to do something else0.01.0
Unconventional (E)FCR: incorporates objects in variable ways0.01.0
Social play (E)IC: engages in social play2.02.0
Clowns (E)FCR: or jokes0.00.0
Cues (E)FR: gives readily understandable verbal/nonverbal cues1.02.0
Engaged (I)IM: is activity engaged2.02.0
Social play (I)IC: engages in social play1.00.0
Affect (I)IM: demonstrates positive affect during play1.01.0
Object (I)IC: interacts with objects2.01.0
Engaged (S)FR: is activity engaged1.01.0
Modifies (S)IC: activity to maintain challenge/make fun0.00.0
Social play (S)IC: engages in social play1.01.0
Supports (S)IC: play of others0.00.0
Initiate (S)IC: play with others0.01.0
Shares (S)IC: toys, equipment, friends, and ideas1.01.0
Cues (S)FR: gives readily understandable verbal/nonverbal cues0.01.0
Responds (S)FR: to others’ cues0.01.0
Objects (S)IC: interacts with objects1.01.0
Transitions (S)IC: from one play activity to another1.02.0

Notes: (E) = extent item (amount of time), (I) = intensity item (degree of participation), (S) = skill item (ease of performance). aSome ToP items were scored “not applicable” for some children; as a result, the following ToP items did not have enough data for analysis: Enters (S), Persists (I), Engages in playful mischief or teasing (S), Pretends (S), Creative (I), Negotiates (S), and Clowns or jokes (S). IQR = interquartile range. Item is associated with the following elements of play and playfulness: IMintrinsic motivation, ICinternal control, FCRfreedom from constraints of reality, FRskills related to framing. Highest item score; lowest item score.