Table 1: Summary of androgen deprivation indications.

ADT likely unwarrantedADT still warranted

Localized diseaseAdvanced disease
 (i) Preprostatectomy/postprostatectomy [30] (i) PSA > 50, PSADT < 12 months [38]
 (ii) Prior to EBXRT/Brachytherapy [3336] (ii) Prior to EBXRT [4347]
 (iii) No primary treatment [37] (iii) Local obstructive symptoms and or metastatic disease [50]
 (iv) Biochemical recurrence after therapy with PSADT > 12 months [53] (iv) Lymph node involvement at prostatectomy [49]
 (v) Biochemical recurrence after therapy with high risk of death from prostate cancer [5557],

Abbreviations. ADT: androgen deprivation therapy; EBXRT: external beam radiation; PSA: prostate-specific antigen; PSADT: prostate-specific antigen doubling time.