Figure 4: Autochthonous tumor growth in mice with diet-induced obesity. Mice were fed a low-fat diet (open bars) or a high-fat diet and divided into three groups designated as obesity-resistant (checkered bars), the lightest third ( ). Overweight (horizontal bars), the middle third ( ) and obese (vertical bars) the heaviest third ( ). (a) Weight gain from 6–18 weeks (overall ANOVA ) with weight in grams shown along the -axis. (b) Final body weight with grams along the -axis (overall ANOVA ). (c) GUT weight with grams along the -axis (overall ANOVA ). (d) Age of tumor palpation with weeks along the -axis (overall ANOVA ). (e) Age at death with weeks along the -axis (overall ANOVA ) and (f) GUT pathology with PIN/well differentiated (angled lines in bar), moderately differentiated (hatched lines in bar), and poorly differentiated (filled part of bar). Each bar represents one group with the percent of different tumor grades shown along the -axis. Error bars are standard error and letters show significance differences.