Table 1: Evaluation of 12 “range finding” post-biochemical failure risk categorization (BFRC) schemes in univariable competing risk models for prostate cancer-specific mortality (PCSM) after biochemical failure based on historical prognostic cutpoints for PSA doubling time and time to biochemical failure.

High riskLow riskBFRC performance
PSADTTTBFPSADTTTBFc-index (95% CI)Ranking value


PSA: prostate-specific antigen; BFRC: biochemical failure risk categorization; PSADT: PSA doubling time (months); TTBF: time from biochemical (Phoenix) failure (years); CI: confidence interval; c-index: Harrell’s concordance index.
Risk is defined by PSADT and/or TTBF ranges specified.
Performance assessed by c-index, ranked highest (best) to lowest (worst). Performance against best BFRC compared using paired Student’s -test.
§c-index not significantly lower than best BFRC.