Table 3: Characteristics and results of retrospective reports on salvage RT.

First authorYearNo. Pats.Median pre-RT-PSA (ng/mL)HT (%)Med. RT-dose (Gy)RT techniqueFollowup (months)bNED (%)

Anscher et al. [25]2000891.4966.02 D/3 D4850 (4 y.)
Bernard et al. [26]20103640.6064.82 D/3 D7250 (5 y.)
De Meerleer et al. [27]2008870.75675.0IMRT3067 (5 y.)
Do et al. [28]2002732.8964.82 D4245 (10 y.)
King and Spiotto [29]2008840.455770.02 D/3 D/IMRT>6058 (5 y.)
Loeb et al. [30]2008107~0.7063.0IMRT5355 (7 y.)
MacDonald et al. [22]20041021.1065.8n.r.5038 (5 y.)
Neuhof et al. [20]20071711.12960–663 D3935 (5 y.)
Pazona et al. [31]20052230.84.5633 D5640 (5 y.)
Pisansky et al. [32]20001660.9464.02 D/3 D5246 (5 y.)
Stephenson et al. [24]20045010.71764.82 D/3 D/IMRT4545 (4 y.)
Stephenson et al. [9]200715401.11464.82 D/3 D/IMRT5332 (6 y.)
Trock et al. [17]20081600.7066.52 D/3 D7289 (10 y. OS)
Van Der Poel et al. [33]2008412.15760–70n.r.7344 (10 y.)
Wiegel et al. [19]20091620.33066.03 D4154 (3.5 y.)

RT: radiotherapy; HT: hormonal therapy; Med. RT dose: median total dose of radiation therapy; bNED: biochemical no evidence of disease; n.r.: not reported; 2 D: 2-dimensional treatment planning; 3D: 3-dimensional treatment planning; IMRT: intensity-modulated radiation therapy; OS: overall survival.