Figure 3: Galectin-1 expression in LNCaP cells. (a) Protein levels of Gal-1 in castration sensitive LNCaP and castration resistant 22Rv1 and PC-3 PCa cell lines. (b) Transcriptional levels of Gal-1 in castration sensitive (CS) or resistant (CR) LNCaP cells. Induction of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in response to androgen receptor agonist (R18.81; 3 days, 10−10 M) is shown in both cases as fold change between cultures in absence of hormones and in presence of R18.81. Cells were cultured in absence of hormones (medium complemented with 10% stripped charcoal-treated serum) for 48 h and then cultured for 3 days in absence or presence of R18.81 (10−10 M) before mRNA extraction and RT-qPCR for Gal-1 and PSA expression analyses.