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Global Patterns of Prostate Cancer Incidence, Aggressiveness, and Mortality in Men of African Descent

Table 2

International variation in prostate tumor characteristics in men of African descent.

Region LocationData source* Mean age at diagnosis (Yrs, range)Median PSA (ng/mL, range)Gleason score, % Tumor stage, %

AfricaDakar, SenegalHBCC11468 (41–95)59.5 (0.5–6,190)39181920419353016
Accra, GhanaPSS68969 (42–95)52.0 (0.7–8,423)681286615422122
Cape Town, South Africa: ColouredHBCC20767 (46–94)19.3 (0.5–14,390)203121121629301922
Cape Town, South Africa: BlackHBCC2370 (52–90)37.2 (5–3,308)221111332225202530

CaribbeanGuyanaHBCS16974 (26–98)NANANANANANA91 (T1 + T2)45
Jamaica [40]HBCS52971 (41–91)30.7 (12–109)137321911NANANANA
Jamaica [41]HBCS9972 (50–90)37.0 (1–2,100)0162441182439219
TobagoPBR50865 (40–79)6.3 (0.3–18,330).5464166NANANANA

UKGreater LondonHBCS17771 (48–87)107.6 (1–2,463)104038933442204

USNortheast**HBCC87959 (36–88)5.9 (0.3–69)25140533835270.6
Southeast**HBCC72761 (91.36)6.4 (0–5,000)836378103551130.6
Midwest**HBCC53369 (38–97)7.0 (0–14,635)224541010633250
West**PBCC, PCS, HRCC1,47474 (42–91)NA7304015789 (T1 + T2)100.5

*Study type: HBCC: hospital-based case-control; HBCS: hospital-based case series; HRCC: high risk (aggressive disease) case-control study; PBCC: population-based case-control; PBR: population-based cancer registry; PCS: prospective cohort study; PSS: population screening study.
**MADCaP Groups: Northeast: Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC; Southeast: Louisville, Houston, San Antonio, Tampa, Wake Forest; Midwest: Cleveland, Detroit, Flint, St. Louis; West: Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area. Data from other centers as described in methods; citations indicate data were taken from the literature only; NA: Not Available.