Figure 1: Predicted AR-target genes in AA PCa are overrepresented in cancer-associated signaling pathways. Flow chart outlining the strategy of combining gene expression profiling comparing 20 AA PCa specimens with 15 CA PCa specimens, gene promoter analysis, and pathway analysis to identify direct AR-target genes associated with PCa disparities. A total of 1,188 significant differentially express genes (ANOVA with 10% FDR) were subjected to hierarchical clustering analysis (clustering diagram, upper left, highly expressed genes in red, weakly expressed genes in blue) and pathway analysis by IPA (representative canonical pathways, upper right). Among the 1,188 significant genes, 382 genes were predicted as AR-target/responsive genes using the ALGGEN-PROMO program. These 382 genes were again subjected to clustering and pathway analysis to identify significant AR-associated pathways in AA PCa.