Figure 2: Quantitative RT-PCR validation of microarray results in patient specimens and population-specific PCa cell lines. qRT-PCR experiments were conducted to compare the gene expression levels of GIT1, STAT1, EIF3B, FGF13, RHOA, ITGB5, MAPKAPK2, STAT2, RHOU, CSNK2A1, and PIK3CB in (a) PCa specimens derived from AA and CA patients, (b) AA PCa cell line MDA PCa 2b (2b) versus CA PCa cell line VCaP, and (c) AA PCa cell line E006AA versus CA PCa cell line VCaP. The relative gene expression level in patient specimens (a) was determined by using EIF1AX as the control gene for normalization. Box-and-Whisker and dot plots represent the average and individual values, respectively, of gene expression in the tested tissue samples. The log2 ratio values in (b) and (c) were determined by subtracting the log2 signal intensity of AA cancer with the log2 signal intensity of CA cancer for each gene from microarray results. For qRT-PCR results from cell line comparisons in (b) and (c), ratio values were calculated by the Ct method using EIF1AX as the control gene for normalization [35]. Data are represented as the mean ± SEM of 20 AA PCa and 15 CA PCa samples for microarray experiments and 3–5 independent PCa cell line experiments. *Significantly different between AA PCa versus CA PCa from microarray results (ANOVA, 10% FDR). **Significantly different between AA versus CA PCa cell lines from qRT-PCR results ( , Student’s t-test).