Table 4: Neurovascular bundle sparing.

Veil of AphroditeMenon et al. [41]VIP with veil nerve sparing has comparable outcomes to traditional RALP.
Menon et al. [45]VIP had improved erectile function compared to RALP.

Athermal dissectionTewari et al. [52]Neural hammock sparing improves return to baseline erectile function without affecting other outcomes.
Khan et al. [57]Heat sink demonstrated in this porcine model suggests that the vascular pedicle should be protective of the NVB.
Ahlering et al. [58]Avoiding thermal injury leads to earlier return of sexual function.
Chien et al. [59]Antegrade athermal dissection may lead to earlier return of erectile function.

Tension-freeKowalczyk et al. [53]Avoidance of countertraction on the NVB leads to earlier return of erectile function.
Mattei et al. [55]This lateral approach to the NVB is tension-free and athermal.