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Does Statin or ASA Affect Survival When Prostate Cancer Is Treated with External Beam Radiation Therapy?

Table 3

Multivariate model for competing risk analysis using Fine and Gray’s test [20] of significance of prostate cancer specific survival.

VariableUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysisa
Hazard ratio95% confidence interval value10 yr PCSS %Hazard ratio95% confidence interval value

Statin (yes versus no)0.6560.478–0.8980.008694.1 versus 91.10.7690.548–1.08NS

ASA (yes versus no)0.7280.537–0.9850.04093.4 versus 91.30.9110.648–1.282NS


Year of treatment (≥2004 versus ≤2003)1.176 0.924–1.4980.1995.9 versus 98.5b1.1720.897–1.530NS

Radiation dose1.0000.999–1.0000.131.0000.999–1.000NS

ADTc (yes versus no)1.7891.418–2.5000.000390.5 versus 94.50.7100.481–1.0490.085


stage 97.1
 (2 versus 1)2.4191.532–3.8200.000293.52.101.33–3.330.0015
 (3 versus 1)5.9163.766–9.924<0.000185.63.832.41–6.08<0.0001
 (4 versus 1)18.68210.17–34.31<0.000164.111.386.11–21.21<0.0001

Charlson index 90.9
 (1 versus 0) 0.7490.563–0.9980.04892.80.760.57–1.020.072
 (≥2 versus 0)0.4950.298–0.8230.006795.10.530.32–0.870.013

Gleason score96.7
 (7 versus ≤6)2.6111.823–3.739<0.000192.01.941.34–2.820.005
 (≥8 versus ≤6)5.7183.987–8.202<0.000183.23.212.16–4.78<0.0001

NS: not significant ( ).
aVariables with in univariate analysis were included in model for multivariate analysis.
bYear of treatment is 5-year survival.
ciPSA: initial pretreatment PSA.
dADT: androgen deprivation therapy.