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Research Article

Atypical Small Acinar Proliferation: Repeat Biopsy and Detection of High Grade Prostate Cancer

Table 1

(a) Demographic data. (b) Demographic data patients who underwent rebiopsy versus no rebiopsy.

ParametersData (IQR)

Number of patients ASAP on initial biopsy96
Median number of cores positive ASAP1.3 (1.0–1.7)
Median time to rebiopsy (months)4.4 (1.2–5.6)
Percentage of patients repeat biopsy58%
Median age (yrs.)62 (56–67)
Median PSA (ng/mL)6 (4.0–6.8)
DRE abnormal (%)17%
Median follow-up (years)2.8 (1.5–3.6)


Underwent rebiopsyNo rebiopsy value

Age (yrs.) (IQR)62 (55–67) 65 (57–68)0.05
PSA (ng/mL) (IQR)6.0 (3.3–6.3) 6 (3.5–6.1) 0.92