Table 1: Radiation dosing.

Patient #Age at initial treatment (yr)Prostate cancer risk strata@ADT with BRT #1ADT with BRT #2Initial doseTime b/w Rx (mo)Salvage doseVolume treated (cc)

157LowNoNo115 Gy38144 Gy21.55
261LowNoNo144 Gy32144 Gy13.23
365LowNoYes144 Gy26144 Gy7.56
463 IntermediateNoNo144 Gy34144 Gy9.98
559LowNoNo144 Gy26108 Gy21.58
650LowNoYes115 Gy67108 Gy26.66
748xNoNox287108 Gy21.31
860LowNoNo144 Gy123108 Gy6.84
955LowYesNo144 Gy120108 Gy7.76
1057LowNoNo144 Gy19120 Gy23.78
1148LowYesNo144 Gy25125 Gy16.03
1266LowNoNo144 Gy46108 Gy18.16
1344LowNoNo144 Gy31144 Gy12.05
1450 IntermediateNoNo144 Gy87144 Gy15.51
1566 IntermediateYesNo108 Gy42108 Gy8.1
1671 IntermediateNoNo144 Gy45108 Gy29.36
1763 IntermediateNoYes108 Gy48108 Gy9.74
1842xYesNox50120 Gy12.94
1958 IntermediateYesNo108 Gy105108 Gy8.67
2059LowYesNo144 Gy48144 Gy27.31
2172LowYesNo140 Gy21140 Gy19.93

Patients who underwent initial external beam radiation therapy.
Patients who underwent initial open brachytherapy.
Patients who had palladium-103 seeds for initial brachytherapy.
x = data point not known.
ADT = androgen deprivation therapy; BRT = brachytherapy.
@ = D’amico risk strata [10].