Research Article

Parkinsonian Symptomatology May Correlate with CT Findings before and after Shunting in Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Table 4

Canonical correlations between the grades of the Parkinsonian features responding to the ventriculoperitoneal shunt operation and computed tomography findings.

 First canonical variate
 Correlation Coefficient

CT finding set
 Third ventricle width at superior colliculus 0.230.908
 Third ventricle width at foramen of Monro 0.612 1.011
 Anteroposterior diameter of midbrain0.0940.529
 Left-to-right diameter of midbrain 0.162 0.504
 Evans index 0.814 0.564
   Percent of variance0.225
   Redundancy index0.223
Parkinsonism set (assessed by UPDRS)
 Total score of motor examination 0.59 1.151
 Subitem score of postural stability 0.5920.624
    arising from chair 0.499 0.605
     body bradykinesia and hypokinesia0.3561.09
   Percent of variance0.27
   Redundancy index0.266
   Canonical Correlation0.996 

CT: computed tomography; : number of subjects; UPDRS: unified Parkinson’s disease rating scale; Percent of variance average squared loading ( ); Redundancy index average canonical . The total number of patients was 11.