(a) Effect of NAC on 3NT levels
(b) Effect of NAC on 4HNE levels
Figure 4: NAC attenuates markers of lipid and protein oxidative damage. (a) Western blot analysis of 3-NT detection and (b) Western blot analysis of 4-HNE detection in N27 dopaminergic neurons preincubated with 5 mM NAC and treated with or without MA (2 mM) for 18 hours. Equal loading of protein in each lane is confirmed by probing the membrane with β-actin antibody. Densitometry analysis of 3-NT and 4-HNE induction is represented next to the Western blot image. 3-NT and 4-HNE bands were quantified and expressed as percentage of untreated control. Data represent ± SEM, . * compared with MA-treated cells.