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The Protective Effect of Minocycline in a Paraquat-Induced Parkinson's Disease Model in Drosophila is Modified in Altered Genetic Backgrounds

Figure 1

Effect of MC in absence and presence of 10 mM PQ on survival of adult male flies. (a) Effect of increasing concentrations of MC (100 μM–50 mM) on survival of adult male flies. Data were collected every 24 hrs for each group until 100% mortality was noted with 50 mM MC. (b) Effect of different doses of MC co-fed with 10 mM PQ on the life span of wild type adult males. Co-feeding of 1 mM MC with 10 mM PQ significantly extends the survival duration compared with PQ alone. ** represents the difference between PQ-fed flies and those fed PQ with 1 mM MC at . . Error bars indicate the standard error of the mean. Each data point was derived at least 10 replications of 15 flies each. (c) Wild type flies at 48 hrs after eclosion were fed PQ and/or MC using different regimens as shown in the graph. The MC co-feeding group was compared to the PQ alone group and the MC prefeeding group was compared with the same aged group prefed 5% sucrose. Both co-feeding and prefeeding regimens improved the survival duration compared to PQ alone. ** = and *** = and represent the significant difference between PQ and prefeeding and co-feeding groups. Error bars represent SEM, and –60 flies for all groups in (a), (b), and (c).