Parkinson’s Disease / 2012 / Article / Fig 2

Research Article

The Protective Effect of Minocycline in a Paraquat-Induced Parkinson's Disease Model in Drosophila is Modified in Altered Genetic Backgrounds

Figure 2

MC protects against PQ-induced mobility defects. The time required for adult male flies to climb 5 cm, after 24 and 48 hr of exposure to 10 mM PQ or 10 mM PQ with 1 mM MC flies was assayed. The ingestion of 1 mM MC alone has no effect on mobility, while ingestion of PQ alone adversely affects mobility. PQ and MC co-feeding results in mobility performance near control levels. The * and # indicate the significance of differences between control and PQ-fed flies and between PQ only and co-fed flies, respectively. ***/### indicate ,** indicates , and # = . Error bars represent standard error of the mean. Each data point represents at least 15 replications of 10 flies each.