Table 1: The frequency scale for symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease.


(1) Do you get heartburn?01234
(2)Does your stomach get bloated?01234
(3)Does your stomach ever feel heavy after meals?01234
(4)Do you sometimes subconsciously rub your chest with your hand?01234
(5)Do you ever feel sick after meals?01234
(6)Do you get heartburn after meals?01234
(7)Do you have an unusual (e.g., burning) sensation in your throat?01234
(8)Do you feel full while eating meals?01234
(9)Do some things get stuck when you swallow?01234
(10) Do you get bitter liquid (acid) coming up into your throat?01234
(11)  Do you burp a lot?01234
(12) Do you get heartburn if you bend over?01234