Research Article

Progesterone Exerts a Neuromodulatory Effect on Turning Behavior of Hemiparkinsonian Male Rats: Expression of 3α-Hydroxysteroid Oxidoreductase and Allopregnanolone as Suggestive of Receptors Involvement

Figure 2

(a) Experimental procedure I: performed to evaluate the effects of progesterone on turning behavior and effects on nigrostriatal expression and enzymatic activity of 3α-HSOR of hemiparkinsonian rats. (b) Experimental procedure II: performed to study the effects of allopregnanolone on turning behavior of hemiparkinsonian rats. HP group (hemiparkinsonian group), P4-treated HP group (progesterone-treated hemiparkinsonian group). Time 0: surgery-day.
(a) Experimental procedure I
(b) Experimental procedure II