Table 1: Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS).

( = 114)

FSS 1My motivation is lower when I am fatigued4.9 (2.1)
FSS 2Exercise brings on my fatigued5.3 (1.9)
FSS 3I am easily fatigued4.5 (2.0)
FSS 4Fatigue interferes with my physical functioning4.3 (2.1)
FSS 5Fatigue causes frequent problems for me4.0 (2.1)
FSS 6My fatigue prevents sustained physical functioning4.2 (2.1)
FSS 7Fatigue interferes with carrying out certain duties and responsibilities4.1 (2.1)
FSS 8Fatigue is among my 3 disabling symptoms3.6 (2.1)
FSS 9Fatigue interferes with my work, family or social life3.8 (2.1)
FSS Total score4.3 (1.7)