Research Article

The Induction of IgM and IgG Antibodies against HLA or MICA after Lung Transplantation

Figure 1

Average mean fluorescent intensity (MFI) of IgM isotype HLA class I, class II and MICA antibodies over time (a quarter is equal to 4 months). Forty-one patients were analyzed once prior to LTx, and 49 patients were measured longitudinally after transplantation resulting in a total of 477 samples that were analyzed by Luminex (LABScreen Mixed, LSM12, One Lambda, Calif, USA), with an average of 9.7 samples (range 5–10 samples) per patient. Shown are results of Luminex analysis with beads containing HLA class I (closed dot) class II (closed square), or MICA antigens (triangle with dotted line). These data were averaged from all LTx patients per quarter after lung transplantation.