Research Article

Perfluorochemical Liquid-Adenovirus Suspensions Enhance Gene Delivery to the Distal Lung

Figure 3

Comparison of spatial distribution of rAd-saline and -PP2/PP9 suspensions. (a) Expression at 1 d after instillation. Overlay of photographs and luminescent images of three representative animals per group. Mice were instilled with 5 × 1 0 1 0 viral particles of rAd.luc suspended in either saline (left) or PP2:PP9 suspension (right) as described in Materials and Methods. The images were acquired 10 min after intraperitoneal delivery of luciferin (100 μL; 150 mg/kg). Luminescent images were acquired under identical settings (3 min acquisition). Images from day 1 are scaled linearly with the range of signal indicated. Asterisks denote animals whose images are shown at later time points in panel (b). (b) Delivery with PP2/PP9 results in better retention in the lung. Overlay of photographs and luminescent images of representative animals from the high-dose groups is denoted in panel (a). The mice were imaged on successive days after instillation as indicated. Images are scaled logarithmically (note scale on the left).