Table 1: Outcomes of oligometastases and oligo-recurrence in the lung.

AuthorYearStudy designTreatment methodLocal control (%)Overall survival (%)

IRLM [31]1997retrospectivesurgery36 (5 years)
Onaitis et al. [32]2009retrospectivesurgery78 (3 years)
Okunieff et al. [34]2006retrospectiveSBRT94 (median followup: 18.7 mo.)16 (PFS)
Norihisa et al. [35]2008retrospectiveSBRT90 (2 years)84.3 (2 years)
Rusthoven et al. [36]2009prospectiveSBRT96 (2 years)39 (2 years)
Takahashi et al. [37]2012retrospectiveSRS, SBRT87 (2 years)65 (2 years)
Inoue et al. [38]2012retrospectiveSBRT54 (5 years)

Abbreviations: SBRT: stereotactic body radiation therapy; SRS: stereotactic radiosurgery; mo.: months.