Figure 5: Effects of rosiglitazone in lung fibroblasts are mediated in part by HGF. (a) Rosiglitazone induces HGF expression in SSc lung fibroblasts. Each bar represents the mean ± SD of duplicate determinations in four independent experiments. (b) Effect of rosiglitazone on c-Met receptor phosphorylation in lung fibroblasts from white (cell lines 1 and 2) and black (cell lines 3 and 4) patients with SSc-ILD. (c) Anti-c-Met antibody modulates MMP-1 activity in white SSc lung fibroblasts. (d) Downregulation of collagen type I by rosiglitazone in white SSc lung fibroblasts depends on c-Met and MMP-1. Quantitative results of densitometric analysis of immunoblots presented in (b) and (d) are shown; values are the mean and SD from 4 independent experiments. * versus unstimulated cells.