Research Article

Near Fatal Asthma: Clinical and Airway Biopsy Characteristics

Table 2

Clinical characteristics of NFE I group at the initial evaluation. Values are shown as mean ± standard deviation or frequency and percent.


Prior admissions
Prior intubation
B2 agonist use
Inhaled corticosteroids
Systemic corticosteroids the previous month
Heart rate (beats/min)
Respiratory rate (breaths/min)
Systolic BP (mmHg)
Diastolic BP (mmHg)
FiO2 (%)
PO2 (mmHg)
PCO2 (mmHg)
A-aO2 (mmHg)
WBC (mm3)
Eos (%)
Eos absolute (mm3)
BUN (mg/dl)
Hospitalization days

BP: blood pressure; WBC: white blood counts; Eos: eosinophils; A-a: alveolar-arterial gradient; BUN: blood urea nitrogen.