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The Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma System Regulates Ultraviolet B-Induced Prostaglandin Production in Human Epidermal Keratinocytes

Figure 4

  activation is a potent inducer of PGE2 production in human epidermal explants. Human epidermal explants were prepared as described in the methods section and placed into K-SFM media (Invitrogen). Prior to UVB (UV) irradiation, the explants were pretreated with 1  M GW9662 for 1 hour or 10  M NS398 for 30 minutes. The explants were then washed once in PBS and irradiated with 1800 J/m2 UVB. Media containing vehicle (CONT), 1  M GW9662, or 10  M NS398 were then added back and the explants were cultured for 8 hours (a) or 24 hours (b). Tissue culture supernatants were then removed for PGE2 quantitation by EIA. PGE2 results were normalized to tissue weight. Results are presented as a percent change from control PGE2 levels. Mean and SEM of 2–4 experiments were done in triplicate. , one-sample t-test compared with nonirradiated vehicle control , or from UV-treated skin without GW9662 pretreatment §).