Table 1: Experimental data for PPARγ-modulated genes during oxidative stress.

TargetEffectTissue or cell typeType of evidenceReferences

Bcl-2↑ expressionCardiomyocyte and glial cellsIn vitro[47, 49]
Catalase↑ expressionAdipocytes, microvascular endothelial cellsIn vitro[45, 46]
CD36↑ expressionMacrophagesIn vitro[53, 54]
COX-2 expressionHepatocytes, neurons, pancreatic islets, macrophages, astrocytesIn vitro
In vivo
[29, 41, 5759, 63]
eNOS↑ expressionEndothelial cellIn vivo[33]
GPx3↑ expressionSkeletal muscle cellsIn vitro[52]
HO-1 expressionHepatocytes, human vascular cells, retina, hippocampal neurons,In vitro
In vivo
[41, 50, 55, 56]
iNOS expressionNeurons, macrophages, pancreatic islets, Schwann cellsIn vivo
In vitro
[29, 5759, 62]
MnSOD↑ expression ↑ activity Hippocampal neurons, heartIn vivo[50, 51]
UCP2↑ expressionSympathetic premotor neurons, liverIn vivo[35, 38]

↑ = increasing; = decreasing; ↑= increasing and decreasing effects described.