Table 5: Body weights, plasma factors, and whole body glucose and FFA metabolic turnover parameters in Lean, Obese, and Tesaglitazar groups of Zucker rats studied under basal and clamp conditions used in Study 3.


Body weight (g)
Insulin (nM)
FFA (mM)
Glucose (mM)
GIR (µmol/min)

Results are mean ± SE ( = 6–9). Zucker rats were studied in the 5 h fasted state. Groups of animals were studied either in the basal state or during isoglycemic clamps performed at physiological levels of hyperinsulinemia suited to each group (insulin infusion rates as for ClampL in Study 2, defined in Table 3). Basal state differences; , , and versus obese. Response to insulin (ClampL-Basal) differences; , , and Obese versus Lean, , 1, and Tesaglitazar versus Obese.