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Research Article

Synergism between cAMP and PPAR Signalling in the Initiation of UCP1 Gene Expression in HIB1B Brown Adipocytes

Figure 1

The effect of forskolin and rosiglitazone on mRNA expression of (a) UCP1, (b) PGC1 , (c) Cidea, (d) PRDM16, (e) C/EBP , and (f) PPAR is mediated by PKA and PPAR dependent pathways. HIB-1B cells were grown to confluence and then treated with H89 (10  M) for 1 hour or GW9662 (30  M) for 3 hours prior to and during addition of rosiglitazone (Rosi) (10  M) for 24 hours, or forskolin (Fosk) (10  M) for the final 3 hours of rosiglitazone treatment, before RNA extraction, as indicated. All drugs were added in serum-free medium. Controls were treated with DMSO. Gene expression levels were analysed by quantitative real-time PCR and normalized against 36B4 expression. Error bar means the mean SEM of triplicate observations within a single experiment performed in triplicate. *** Significant difference with respect to control; ### significant difference due to H89 or GW9662 for each experiment.