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PPAR-γ Regulates Trophoblast Differentiation in the BeWo Cell Model

Figure 4

Effect of PPAR-γ downregulation on gene expression following treatment with PPAR-γ activity-modulating drugs. (a) PPAR-γ expression was significantly downregulated after 48 hours of treatment with a specific siRNA sequence. PPAR-γ (b), HO-1 (c), and GCM-1 (d) expression in the siRNA-treated cells was compared to the same drug treatment in the nonsilencing control-treated cells to elucidate the contribution of PPAR-γ to changes in target gene expression. All drug treatments (vehicle, rosiglitazone, and T0070907) under siRNA treatment were normalized to the same treatment under nonsilencing control (red dashed line, set as 1). Values are represented as mean ± SEM; * , ** , *** , **** ( ). NS, nonsilencing; rosi, rosiglitazone; T007, T0070907.