Figure 1: Effect of Portulaca treatment on disease severity of DSS-induced UC model. Panel (a) shows the appearance of representative mice from four experiment groups from left to right: control group, DSS-induced group, mesalamine group, and Portulaca group. Panel (b) displays the graph of disease activity index (DAI) of four groups at different days of the experiment. Panel (c) represents the weight of mice daily in different group. Panel (d) shows the image of fecal occult blood testing at 8th day with the darker color and more severe bloody stool and shows the score of bloody stool at different days of each group. Panel (e) represents the length of colorectum from four groups at 8th day after DSS administration. Panel (f) indicates the MPO activity in serum. (Data were presented as mean ± SD from six rats. indicates comparison between DSS and NC; # indicates comparison between mesalamine and DSS; + indicates the comparison between Portulaca and DSS. The number of symbols indicates significance of difference; for example, four symbols indicate ; three symbols indicate ; two symbols indicate ; and one symbol indicates .)