Figure 1: Plasma TNFα (panel (a)) and IL-6 (panel (b)) concentrations in the HF (upper graphs) and non-HF (lower graphs) groups in relation to the presence of specific alleles of TNF (position -308): G is the dominating isoform. There were only 3 AA homozygotes; thus AA were grouped together with GA into one “A-allele” subgroup, while the “G-allele” subgroup contained GG homozygotes only. Plasma TNFα concentrations were not statistically different between the HF and non-HF groups and were not affected by the TNF-308 polymorphism. IL-6 was significantly higher at baseline in both groups (# p<0.001 vs. follow-up results in the same subgroup). IL-6 levels were higher in the HF carriers of A-allele at 1-month and 12-month follow-up visits compared to the non-HF carriers of A-allele (panel (b) black bars; p<0.05, p<0.01). Bars represent mean, and whiskers represent SEM.