Pain Research and Management / 2016 / Article / Tab 2

Clinical Study

Feasibility of Topical Applications of Natural High-Concentration Capsaicinoid Solutions in Patients with Peripheral Neuropathic Pain: A Retrospective Analysis

Table 2

Patients’ pain descriptions and pain clinical examinations at baseline.

Patients’ descriptions at baseline%

 (i) Burning ()4173.2
 (ii) Tingling ()4173.2
 (iii) Pins and needles ()3562.5
 (iv) Electric shock sensation ()3358.9
 (v) Numbness ()2951.8
 (vi) Itching ()1748.5
 (vii) Waking-up pain ()2544.6
 (viii) Painful cold sensation ()2137.5

Clinical examinations at baseline

 (i) Tactile ()2866.7
 (ii) Pricking ()2463.2
 (iii) Thermal ()2558.1
 (i) Tactile ()6191.0
 (ii) Thermal ()2461.5
 (iii) Pricking ()2156.8