Research Article

Comparison of Different Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors in Attenuating Inflammatory Pain in Rats

Figure 2

Attenuation of effects of postinjected HDACIs on thermal hyperalgesia in rats. Rat received injection of HDACI or vehicle (arrows show the time of injection) at the indicated dose after unilateral intraplantar injection of CFA. PWL was determined before CFA injection as a baseline and after CFA injection as hyperalgesia response. SAHA (a), TSA (b), LAQ824 (c), sodium butyrate (d), 4-PBA (e), VPA (f), and MS-275 (g) were injected for the panel (in parenthesis). Inhibition of hyperalgesia by all HDACIs was calculated by two-way ANOVA. Data show PWL as the mean ± SEM for the ipsilateral paw (, , and compared with vehicle-treated rats at the same time point).